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Class Schedule
for Plant Healer’s

Sept 16th-21st – Mormon Lake, Arizona

The Information You Need, The Enchantments You Desire

We’ll be coming up soon to our 5th Annual Plant Healer event – five years of education and celebration from Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference to Herbal Resurgence, Medicine of The People, and now the HerbFolk Gatherings. Located in the lush high elevation pine forests south of Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, featuring folkloric and hands-on elements as well as clinical, these are truly events like no others! Classes this year are being taught by a collection of impassioned teachers, for students and practitioners of every level from beginner to accomplished. For more information including detailed class descriptions, download the free July issue of Plant Healer’s Herbaria Newsletter: https://madmimi.com/s/633115

2014 Class Schedule

While the class descriptions have been posted on the website for a long time now, we always wait until near August to post the actual schedule and times. It seems there are often some last minute changes, so we don’t want to release it too early. On the other hand, those of you who are coming like to know which classes are up against each other in the same time slots, in order to pick ahead of time which ones you are most excited to attend. We therefore present to you now the schedule for this year’s program, complete except for the names of the kid’s classes. Click on the following link to download your advance copy:
HerbFolk Class Schedule PDF

Thank you for re-posting or otherwise sharing this... and we will hope to see many of you in Arizona’s verdant forests in a little under 2 months time!

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  1. What is the cost to attend? Sounds delightful!!

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