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Classes for Herbalists, Healers, & Culture Shifters – at the upcoming 2018 Good Medicine Confluence 

For the first many years of Plant Healer’s annual international gatherings, our characteristically beautiful rural event sites had too few buildings of us to expand the number of classes to accommodate topics beyond essential foundational folk herbalism.  Fortunately, since moving our Good Medicine Confluence to its new mountain-top site in Durango, Colorado, we have been able to procure sufficient spaces to expand our topics to include additional modalities, and means for a wildly healthy and deeply meaningful life.

In May, 2018, we will be presenting 5 days and nights of classes and entertainment for the same prices as most conferences charge for only 3: over 70 inspiring teachers presenting over 140 unique classes that have never been taught anywhere before, exploring the depths and frontiers of empowered healing in all its many forms from botanical medicine to healthy foods, nature therapy, entheogens, the radical remaking of the current cultural paradigm… and the tending and healing of our families and children!


Children are some of the most vulnerable as well as beloved people that we may be called on to help heal, whether our own kids or those of our clients and friends. What follows, are full descriptions of Confluence classes related to kids’ health by the awesome Dr. Kenneth Proefrock, Angie True, and Briana Wiles, as well as of Missy Rohs’ class on employing games when teaching herbalism to people of all ages.

Good Medicine Confluence Website: www.PlantHealer.org/intro.html


–––––Classes With Kid-Related Topics – at the upcoming 2018 Good Medicine Confluence:–––

Botanical Considerations For Children

With Asthma, Eczema & Other Allergically Mediated Conditions

Kenneth Proefrock (1.5 hrs)

Here we focus primarily on those conditions associated with a derangement of immune function that allows the allergic response to dominate over other, potentially less inflammatory, immune mechanisms. We discuss ways to reduce reactivity to environmental stimuli, retrain fundamental barrier-type defense mechanisms, and work toward long-term resolution of the hyper-reactive state. I will include numerous case studies from over 20 years of clinical practice of pediatric cases that have now entered adulthood that have either resolved or controlled their hyperactive immune responses. We will cover, in detail, mast cell and histamine biology, IgE/IgA activity, Th-1/Th-2 rationales, mucus membrane health and mood disorders that are consequential and causative to allergic immune responses.

Assessing & Treating The Young: Using Herbs & Other Natural Healing Modalities

Brianna Wiles (1.5 hrs)

In this class we will explore the issues kids have most common from infant hood to early teen years. When is it appropriate to avoid going to the doctors office, and what conductive reasoning we can bring to the table to help our kiddos out from the comfort of their home.  A lot of times a visit to the doctor can be the best thing for your child, however, there are many minor illnesses where a trip is never needed. We will talk about administering doses to children, and ways of encouraging compliancy. There are many topical uses of herbs that can make children feel much more comfortable while recovering or in the thralls of sickness. In this class we will explore the use of many applications and ways of making herbal medicine, including: oils, tinctures, honeys, glycerin’s, essential oils, soaks, poultices. We will talk about other ways of alternative health that can bring vitality to your child’s wellbeing with assistance from practitioners of bodywork, chiropractics, osteopathy, energetics and freedom of play in nature. 

Alternatives to ADHD Drugs: Just Say No!

Angie True (1.5 hrs)

Pretty much everybody knows how ADHD diagnoses have skyrocketed in the past decades. What’s not so well known is how about 2 million of the more than 6 million children with ADHD were diagnosed at ages two to five.

So how are these children being treated? They’re given drugs that are literally forms of methamphetamine. Side effects can be numerous, including poor appetite, sleeplessness, mania, irritability and slowed growth. Long term studies have shown those given stimulant medications in childhood go on to have much higher rates of early death, atrophy of the brain, suicide, psychiatric hospitalization, incarceration and drug addiction.  Some of these negative impact studies have begun to trickle out into the mainstream and more parents have expressed their concerns. As a result, now other drugs are being prescribed for children diagnosed with ADHD, including nearly 20,000 prescriptions for antipsychotics for children ages two and younger written in 2014 alone, a fifty percent increase from the previous year.

Could there, perchance, be other ways to nurture our children with attention-related issues?

Yes! In this class we will:

• Examine common mistakes made in diagnosing ADHD

• Discuss food, nutrient and herbal medicines for ADHD symptoms

• Remove common toxins from home or school that may exacerbate or cause ADHD symptoms

• Teach children how to manage stress and increase focus

• Understand and meet children’s unmet emotional needs that may be leading to misbehavior

• Understand and work with children’s values to ensure optimal concentration

Herbal Games as Teaching Tools – For Teaching Both Adults & Kids

Missy Rohs (1.5 hrs)

Herb school doesn’t have to replicate conventional school.  In fact, it can be a place where we embrace divergence and the unique learning styles of individuals.  One of the most fun and engaging ways to do this is by incorporating games into the classroom setting.  In this class, Missy will share a variety of different games that she uses at the Arctos School and when guest teaching elsewhere.  We’ll talk about what function these games serve in different settings and different stages in the learning process, how to set them up, and what they can tell you about your students.  We’ll also put these templates into practice and try out a few games ourselves!  Herb school instructors, people who work with kids, folks who teach anything, and anyone who likes to have fun are welcome.


For More Information about this event and its teachers, or to purchase Advance Discount Tickets, click on:

Good Medicine Confluence Website: www.PlantHealer.org/intro.html

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