Aug 242018
Three Faces Under A Hood: The Many Aspects of Violet

Three Faces Under A Hood: The Many Aspects of Violet Photos & Text by Kiva Rose Hardin Originally published in Plant Healer’s Herbaria. Botanical Names: Viola odorata, Viola tricolor, Viola canadensis, Viola yedoensis, and allied species. Properties will vary in intensity based on aromatics, mucilage content, and other constituents. Common Names: Violet, Pansy, Heartsease (this […]

Jan 122018
Treating Trauma, Anxiety, & Broken Hearts – Confluence Classes

TREATING TRAUMA, ANXIETY, & BROKEN HEARTS Classes for Herbalists, Healers, & Culture Shifters – at the upcoming 2018 Good Medicine Confluence For the first many years of Plant Healer’s annual international gatherings, our characteristically beautiful rural event sites had too few buildings of us to expand the number of classes to accommodate topics beyond essential […]

Nov 152015
Herbal Clinician: 620 pages of How-To And Case Studies

Now Available to Order, the New Plant Healer Book: HERBAL CLINICIAN Herbal Actions & Treatments, Diagnostics, Therapeutics, & Clinical Skills Edited by Jesse Wolf Hardin & Kiva Rose Hardin 620 pages • 8.5×11” • Over 1,000 Illustrations • $45 B&W Softcover One of the primary missions of Plant Healer Magazine is to provide the skills and […]

Dec 172014

As the snow falls on the mountains of southwestern New Mexico, I’m writing a few new seasonal blogposts for the Solstice and evergreen herbs for the Cold Moons. Now that I have some time to write again after finding the new conference site I’m looking forward to posting here more again, and some of those […]

Nov 282011
TWHC 2012 - Registration Opens Dec. 1st!

Registration Opens Dec 1st – & Teachers Confirmed For The 2012 TRADITIONS IN WESTERN HERBALISM CONFERENCE Sept. 13-16 in Arizona’s Beautiful Coconino Forest “An amazing conference, resurrecting the spirit of Western Herbalism.” -Paul Bergner 30+ Teachers and 40+ edgy & innovative Classes at our awesome new event site, with topics like nowhere else! 2 […]