May 022008

Check out this great post by Paul Bergner regarding the wonderfulness of eating meat, and here’s a quote to whet your appetite: A very large trial showed that meat eating was protective against heart disease, and a large and growing body of evidence shows that meat eating is protective against osteoporosis and its worst endpoint.  […]

Feb 212008

The guidelines below are rather general but can be helpful when used in context. I’m mostly referring to excessive menstrual bleeding, miscarriage or abortion aftercare. Post-partum is a bit different, and I’m not as familiar with it. Perhaps the most important aspect to examine here, is what defines excessive. It’s perfectly natural for some women […]

Jan 252008

In a culture caught up in brand name diets, and “detoxifying” lifestyles, it’s quite easy to get sucked into the latest low-fat diet or sugar-free fad. All of us want to be healthier, and all of us want to feed our families the optimal, nutritive foods. So how do we sort through the mind-numbing array […]