Jan 262014
Muscle Aches and Tension: Materia Medica, Part II

Muscle Aches and Tension: Materia Medica, Part II by Kiva Rose   (This is part two of three in the Muscle Aches and Tension series, you can part one on internal therapeutics right here) The most effective and nuanced external treatment of muscle aches and tension requires a basic knowledge of energetics and differential diagnostics. […]

Jan 232014
A Holistic View of Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, & ADHD

Asperger’s and Autism are much misunderstood conditions, featuring brain and behavioral patterns that are abnormal but in some ways more interesting and advantageous.  The problem for anyone dealing with this condition, is finding the healthiest ways of functioning in this society without dissing one’s true nature, gifts and needs.  Asperger’s has made things difficult for […]

Oct 012009
The Elder Mother’s Pantry: A Bioregional Herbal Materia Medica for Influenza and Other Cold-Weather Ailments

As the colder weather begins to move into the northerly reaches and higher eleveations of the Western hemisphere, there’s been much talk of this year’s especially virulent strains of cold and flu. The most important action you can take this is preventative in nature, including ingesting plenty of fermented foods and bone broth, getting your […]

Nov 192008

I’ve been fiddling around with ways of eating for a long time now, with occasional ventures into the extreme (vegetarian for seven years and nearly two years of raw foods, for example) and sometimes trying to finagle my way back to “normal” eating (that would be the kind that includes bread and cereal, a complete […]

Sep 082008

I’m happy to say that this case of cellulitis (see previous post) has been much easier to treat than the one earlier this year. Today, Loba’s walking around fairly easily, almost no redness in the foot and just a little swelling. We continue to do the soaks, poultices and internal tinctures, but I expect she’ll […]

Jul 302008

Susan Belsinger, herbal author and kind reader of the Medicine Woman’s Roots has graciously contributed a guest post to my blog for this month’s blogparty. This interesting and informative article even includes a good many recipes for using bitters in tasty recipes. Bitters, Beverages with Moxie Arthur O. Tucker and Susan Belsinger Many of our […]