Jun 252012
Corazón a Corazón: Exploring Traditional Models of the Healer’s Practice

Excerpted from the Summer 2012 Issue of Plant Healer Magazine Corazón a Corazón: Exploring Traditional Models of the Healer’s Practice by Kiva Rose Hardin Even after so many years of devotion to the plants and experiential practice in herbalism, something just didn’t feel right… At a certain point in my healing studies, I narrowed my […]

May 132011
Weedwifery: A Feral Approach to Folk Herbalism

With the current drought here in southwestern New Mexico only getting worse right now, I have never been so grateful for widely available, locally abundant, feral as all hell weeds. So much of the land in every direction is eerily brown and dormant despite the warm weather. There are very few birds or insects compared […]

Jun 222010
Herbal Conformism and the Illusion of Normalcy by Jesse Wolf Hardin

Herbal Conformism and the Illusion of Normalcy: A Response to Charles W. Kane from the ‘Freak-Show Field’ by Jesse Wolf Hardin Intro: Charles W. Kane is an experienced clinical herbalist and self described “veteran of the war against terrorism.”  Unlike the majority of modern day herbalists, he would not be likely to describe our field […]

Jun 082010
Weeds and Wildlings

Grassroots Herbalism: The Weeds & Wildlings of Folk Medicine by Kiva Rose Any of ya’ll who’ve been reading The Medicine Woman’s Roots for very long are likely familiar with my penchant for all things weedy and wild. Garden flowers are pretty enough, but I prefer the bad attitude of rebellious weeds and fierce insistence of […]

Jun 022010
The Medicine Woman: Returning to Her Roots

I’ve recently opened an office, one day a week, at the new Frisco Wellness Center here in the local village of Reserve. I call my herbal and nutrition consulting The Medicine Woman Herbal Clinic, and share the space with Kristen Ehrlich, who is a massage therapist. While I’m already seeing folks there, we’re celebrating the […]

Jun 202009
Common Sense Tips for Practicing as a Village Herbalist in Rural America

Here you’ll find a few pointers for both neophyte and tenured herbalists practicing in rural areas based on my own experience. Seeing as my community is a tiny village in the mountains of New Mexico, I have neither office nor herb store nearby so I am my own walking dispensatory and workspace most of the […]