Nov 072010
The Storytelling Moon

It’s been a good long time since I’ve posted any of my poetry here on The Medicine Woman’s Roots, but the cold season and call to turn inward always brings storytelling of all kinds to the forefront of my mind. I wrote this particular poem last Winter when I began to feel my annual sadness […]

May 192008

some mornings I lay my face against the canyon walls and listen to the hum of the river current while trees tower along the arroyo flush with flowering white petals littering the path up stone and earth crevice and I climb fingers first into every cool cave searching for the green vine of life as […]

Apr 212008

in the spring green shoots curl around my toes and the wind sings into my veins wild twist of blue this river winds through the root fingers of willow and wild rose down by the water brambles hold me fast cling to my skirts and hush my whispers blood from thorns sweet like flowers eaten […]

Apr 022008

For the Blog Party hosted by Ananda of Plant Journeys: Plant Myths and Archetypes One of the ways I first came to herbalism was through stories, and especially fairy tales. The many volumes of such stories I owned as a child were read so often that eventually most of them completely fell apart, their spines […]

Nov 142007

Fear of Fire in flannel skirts and bare feet I sit among the rare mosses of a dry land sweet beds of solace in a place ghosted by flame every pine needle a match every cloud a pillar of smoke even in winter I watch for lightning the one strike, the one tree that will […]

Oct 262007

Wet yellow flowers woven into watercress the ground cool and damp enough that puddles form around my bare feet gold petals slick with sundots late season survivors of a quick coming winter on this island of lush life I linger among the red skinned dogwood and let the sun warm my cold toes watching the […]

Oct 152007
The Dreams of October

In the night Purple asters Curl inside themselves Give death to autumn And I Stand beside the river Let leaves Slide from the sky To shiver against my skin October falls asleep Her mute mouth Pressed against Roots and dust She dreams the dark Beds of elk mothers Among willow and Barren alder She dreams […]