Aug 092017
Free Issue of Herbaria and The Many Aspects of Violet

Today marks the release of the August issue of Plant Healer’s free supplemental magazine, Herbaria! It includes an excerpt of an interview with beloved herbalist and elder, Phyllis Hogan, an article on launching on herbal apothecary by colorado herbalist, Sarah Josey, and a lengthy piece on Violet by me. The Violet monograph was originally only […]

Jul 232017
List Your Herb Shop or Supply Business: New Directory

Promote Your Herb Shop or Online Herbal-Related Business in Plant Healer’s 2018–2020 Herbal Shops & Suppliers Directory & Guide With Articles, Business Profiles, Ads, & Free Listings In past years, Plant Healer Publications has produced extremely popular guides, including ones for herbal conferences and schools.  Now, at the request of many in the Plant Healer community, […]

Jul 062017
Free Herbaria Monthly Zine - Sneak Peek

Be sure you subscribed to the free zine Herbaria Quarterly, to be sure of receiving the upcoming issue releasing on the 12th. Featuring a fresh new look, and more illustrated herb-related material. Included will be: • Tales & Pics of The 2017 Good Medicine Confluence • Radical Vitalism: A very powerful and important essay by Janet […]

May 152017
New Issue of the Herbaria Monthly Zine - Share Freely

The new May issue of Herbaria Monthly has just been released, the free Ezine supplement to the quarterly Plant Healer Magazine. If you aren’t already subscribed, you can still read and share it by clicking and downloading: HERBARIA MONTHLY – FREE MAY ISSUE This heavily illustrated, full color, 60 pages-long issue, features practical information along […]

May 062017
Youth Village Director & Teachers Needed

  2017 Good Medicine Confluence Youth Village Director & Teachers Needed June 14-18, 2017 – Durango, CO Volunteer to Lead an Activity, Teach in Exchange for a Free Ticket, or Apply to be Village Director _____________________ Since the very first Plant Healer event and magazine eight years ago, serving the kids has been an important […]

Mar 222017
A Tribute to The 2017 Good Medicine Confluence Teachers

2017 GOOD MEDICINE CONFLUENCE TEACHERS A Tribute to These Who Give So Much The following are the bio descriptions of our many fascinating 2017 Good Medicine Confluence teachers, so that you can get a feel for their teachings, schools, books and services, their offerings to the world.  Herbalists,  Cultivators.  Mycologists.  Free Clinic organizers.  Brewers.  Crafters.  […]

Jan 312017
Tiffany Freeman Interview: Sacred Herbalism

Herbalism’s Sacred Dimension Interview with Plant Healer Teacher: TIFFANY FREEMAN in conversation with Jesse Wolf Hardin Dr. Tiffany Freeman blends her teachings and traditional values as a person of Cree First Nations descent with her studies and practice of Traditional Chinese and Western herbal medicine, to help us connect to our source of wellbeing. She is a Traditional […]

Oct 312016
Binary Disease: Herbalist Rancor, Election Madness, Kindness Protocol

BINARY DISEASE Treating Polarization With Diversity & Kindness Protocol by Jesse Wolf Hardin Inspired by Election Acrimony, Attacks on Mountain Rose, Posts About Sam Coffman, Disparagement of The AHG, & Rosemary Gladstar’s Advice I have lately felt besieged by both online pre-election stridence, and upset at the way some herbalists have taken to uncaringly attacking […]

Oct 192016
2016 Plant Healer Magazine Annuals - PreOrder Now

Announcing PreOrder for The New 2016 Plant Healer Annuals 949 Pages b&w 8.5×11” 2 Volume Softbound Sets Every Winter we produce a strictly limited edition of 300 hard-copy book sets containing all the articles from the previous 4 quarterly issues of Plant Healer Magazine, as a special service to PHM member subscribers only.  The many […]

Jun 272016
Clean Water for Health: Filtration & Herbs

Clean Water For Health: FILTRATION & HERBS by Sam Coffman As healers, herbalists have a responsibility to address all causes of illness including diet, lifestyle, and environment… and to recommend treatments and remedies besides herbs when appropriate. Access to clean water is one such problem that Plant Healer’s can’t ignore, as brought to light by […]

Jun 132016
Diverse: NeuroDiversity & Diversity in Herbalism

DIVERSE The Value of Cognitive Diversity, NeuroDiversity, & a Diversity of Approaches to Herbal Practice by Jesse Wolf Hardin Violent attacks by anti-gay and anti-American extremists are indicative of the fear of social diversity, just as fear of neurodiversity and differences in perspective/response manifests as intolerance for anything but the accepted “normal.” The following defense […]

Jun 072016
Radical Herbalism: The New Plant Healer Book

Now For Sale – Our Summer Book Release:  RADICAL HERBALISM Feral Herbalists, Free Clinics, & Guerrilla Gardening Drawn from the pages of Plant Healer Magazine  Edited by Jesse Wolf Hardin & Kiva Rose Hardin Foreword by Paul Bergner 48 Chapters by 31 Impassioned Herbalists: Paul Bergner • David Hoffmann • Guido Masé • Phyllis Light […]