Feb 132017
The Bitter & The Blessed: Vervain As A Talisman For The Heart

Note: For more on Vervain, please see my previous article http://bearmedicineherbals.com/a-touchstone-the-blessed-verbena.html “With this the table of Jupiter is swept, and homes are cleansed and purified. There are two kinds of it; one has many leaves and is thought to be female, the other the male, has fewer leaves. Some authorities do not distinguish these two […]

Jul 312015
Healing Plants of TWHC: Warming Herbs from High Places

The journey to the upcoming Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference & Celebration is one of the most amazing drives in the American Southwest, starting in the colorful desert elevations and winding upwards through oak and piñon covered hills, dramatic rock filled canyons, and into the lush aspen and fir forests at cloud height.  The plant life in […]

Jul 032014
Gifts of the Solstice: Native St. John's Wort

St. John’s Wort has long been one of those herbs that I have great respect for and love as medicine, but have used it minimally simply because it’s not plentiful in my bioregion. Native species of Hypericum don’t always seem to contain much in the way of the red purple juice that herbalists so value, […]

Jan 262014
Muscle Aches and Tension: Materia Medica, Part II

Muscle Aches and Tension: Materia Medica, Part II by Kiva Rose   (This is part two of three in the Muscle Aches and Tension series, you can part one on internal therapeutics right here) The most effective and nuanced external treatment of muscle aches and tension requires a basic knowledge of energetics and differential diagnostics. […]

Oct 282012
Purple Haze: The Resinous Medicine of Aster Rhizome, Leaf, and Flower

Botanical Names: Dieteria bigelovii (formerly Aster bigelovii), but also Aster tataricus, Symphyotrichum (formerly Aster) novae-angliae, Aster subspicatus, and probably many others. Common Names: Purple Sticky Aster, Bigelow’s Spine Aster, also Douglas Aster, New England Aster, etc., Taste: Bitter, sweet, aromatic Impression: Oily, aromatic Energetics: Slightly warm, Moistening in the oily sense Actions: Aromatic (and thus, […]

Jun 272012
Poléo: The Meandering Ways of Wild Mint

This post is for the Wild Mint month of the Wild Things Roundup hosted by Wendy Petty’s Hunger & Thirst blog Poléo: The Meandering Ways of Wild Mint by Kiva Ringtail Rose Botanical Name: Mentha arvensis (often considered synonymous with M. canadensis) Common Names: Wild Mint, Corn Mint, Brook Mint, Horse Mint, Corn Mint Energetic […]

Jun 052012
River Medicine: Alder’s Transformation of Lymph, Blood, and The Human Ecology

This monograph was previously published by Plant Healer Magazine River Medicine: Alder’s Transformation of Lymph, Blood, and The Human Ecology by Kiva Rose “Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.” – Norman MacLean Common Names: Alder, Mountain Alder, Canyon Alder, Red Alder, River Alder, Thinleaf Alder etc., Botanical Name: Alnus spp. […]

May 132011
Weedwifery: A Feral Approach to Folk Herbalism

With the current drought here in southwestern New Mexico only getting worse right now, I have never been so grateful for widely available, locally abundant, feral as all hell weeds. So much of the land in every direction is eerily brown and dormant despite the warm weather. There are very few birds or insects compared […]

Apr 122011
Redroot: Blood Medicine

Redroot: Blood Medicine by Kiva Rose Botanical Name: Ceanothus spp. Botanical Family: Rhamnaceae (Buckthorn) Common Names: Redroot, Redshank, Buckbrush, Mountain Lilac, Desert Buckthorn, New Jersey Tea Taste & Impression: Sweet, Aromatic (some species), Astringent Energetics: Neutral-Warm, Dry Vital Actions: Lymphatic Alterative, Astringent, Expectorant, Relaxant, Nervine Used As: Antiinflammatory, antimicrobial, antispasmodic Indications: Fibrocystic breast disease, mastitis, […]

Jan 182011
Pantry Medicine: Onion Poultices, Syrups and Tinctures

Pantry Medicine: Onion Poultices, Syrups & Tinctures by Kiva Rose Botanical Name: Allium cepa Botanical Family: Amaryllidaceae Taste: Spicy, sweet, acrid, diffusive Energetics: Warm, dry Vital Actions: Diaphoretic, diuretic, rubefacient, expectorant, circulatory stimulant, smooth muscle relaxant Therapeutic Effects:  Antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, cough suppressant (not a true suppressant, but does usually reduce frequency and intensity of spasmodic […]