Feb 182018
Free Guide to Herbs & Herbal Medicine Suppliers

Announcing a free gift for the greater Plant Healer tribe – a 73 pages-long supplement: The Plant Healer Guide to Herbs & Herbal Medicine Suppliers Explore with us the various kinds of sources for medicinal plants, and read articles describing the most important criteria for choosing an herb shop, grower, or online seller.  You will find within […]

Dec 162017
The Birthing of Ælfyn Wolfson Hardin

Celebrating The Arrival of Kiva & Wolf’s Beloved Wildling – Ælfyn  A Diary of Thoughts & Feelings by Jesse Wolf Hardin ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– It is with overflowing hearts that we present to the world our new baby Ælfyn Wolfson Thorn Hardin, born just over 24 hours prior to this posting.  This family of oddkins are generally […]

Nov 262017
STRETCHING, BIRTHING, CRADLING:  The Power, Concerns, Joys, and Gifts of an Indie Home Birth

STRETCHING, BIRTHING, CRADLING: The Power, Concerns, Joys, & Gifts of an Indie Home Birth by Jesse Wolf Hardin – www.PlantHealer.org As I write this, dear Kiva is entering her 38th week of pregnancy.  In the last few week, our boy Ælfyn has “dropped” head first into the pelvis in preparation for his entrance into the […]

Sep 192017
HerbKin: Healing Roles & Chosen Labels

HERB-KIN Healing Roles, Chosen Labels, & What We Do by Jesse Wolf Hardin The following piece is for you to share freely, excerpted from the latest issue of Plant Healer Magazine. Subscriptions are available at: PlantHealerMagazine.com ____________________________- “There is a problem for me with the label “herbalist.” To some extent, the historical emergence of the drug industry, […]

Jul 122017
A Call To ReEnchantment

A CALL TO RE-ENCHANTMENT by Jesse Wolf Hardin Kiva and I loved teaching a class on the topic of enchantment at the Good Medicine Confluence last month. The following piece on this topic, celebrates the birth of Enchantments, Kiva’s rewilded, acc-sense-uated new manifestation of her long beloved Medicine Roots blog. You can read the earlier, much longer versions […]

Feb 082017
Wildlands House-Sitters & Homestead Helpers Needed

Short-Term House-Sitters & Longer-Term Homestead Helpers Needed At Kiva’s Remote N.M. Wilderness Sanctuary —– Both short-time House-Sitters and longer staying Homestead Helpers are being sought for periods of time here at Plant Healer’s Anima Botanical & Wildlife Sanctuary: an incredible, isolated wilderness inholding 7 river crossings from the nearest pavement in the mountainous Gila Forest […]

Oct 312016
Binary Disease: Herbalist Rancor, Election Madness, Kindness Protocol

BINARY DISEASE Treating Polarization With Diversity & Kindness Protocol by Jesse Wolf Hardin Inspired by Election Acrimony, Attacks on Mountain Rose, Posts About Sam Coffman, Disparagement of The AHG, & Rosemary Gladstar’s Advice I have lately felt besieged by both online pre-election stridence, and upset at the way some herbalists have taken to uncaringly attacking […]

Jun 272016
Clean Water for Health: Filtration & Herbs

Clean Water For Health: FILTRATION & HERBS by Sam Coffman As healers, herbalists have a responsibility to address all causes of illness including diet, lifestyle, and environment… and to recommend treatments and remedies besides herbs when appropriate. Access to clean water is one such problem that Plant Healer’s can’t ignore, as brought to light by […]

Jun 132016
Diverse: NeuroDiversity & Diversity in Herbalism

DIVERSE The Value of Cognitive Diversity, NeuroDiversity, & a Diversity of Approaches to Herbal Practice by Jesse Wolf Hardin Violent attacks by anti-gay and anti-American extremists are indicative of the fear of social diversity, just as fear of neurodiversity and differences in perspective/response manifests as intolerance for anything but the accepted “normal.” The following defense […]

May 242016
Foraging Matters: Tips & Advice from Wendy Butter Petty

FORAGING MATTERS Presenting The Wisdom of Plant Healer & Wild Forager Wendy “Butter” Petty ––––––––––––––––––––––– People get into the art of foraging for different reasons, including saving money by integrating wild and free fare, treasuring how much better foraged foods can taste, and knowing that they are often healthier for us than anything we can […]

May 162016
The Herbal Journey by Ramona Rubin

Intro: One commitment of Plant Healer publications and events is to provide an accessible, non-exclusive nexus and welcoming home to the existing diverse community of herb users, nature lovers, and community healers.  Every issue of Plant Healer Magazine is a coming together of the wide ranging tribe, a plant-communal intercoursing and exchanging of ideas and tools, and each […]

Mar 072016

NOT FOR EVERYONE Dearly Needed Are The Committed Few… Herbalists by Jesse Wolf Hardin An Excerpt from the Spring 2016 issue of Plant Healer Magazine, now available for download by subscription from: www.PlantHealerMagazine.com The very last message you’d think an herbal magazine would want to put out there, is that an herbal practice isn’t ideal […]

Jan 262016
Healthy Disagreement in Herbalism

*** –––––––OPEN TO DEBATE–––––– Vital Disputation & Healthy Disagreement in Herbalism by Jesse Wolf Hardin Plant Healer Magazine & Events – www.PlantHealer.org A recent article in Plant Healer Magazine opened up discussion on the topics of political correctness and cultural appropriation as relates to the practice of herbalism.  There was at least one person we will […]

Dec 042015
Juliet's New Medicine Making Course

Announcing Juliet Blankespoor’s Incredible New Online Classes – Beginning With Her HERBAL MEDICINE MAKING COURSE It is always an honor to help spread the word about the good works of our Plant Healer Magazine writer/teachers, and never more so than in the case of dear Juliet Blankespoor’s new Herbal Immersion online course available January 8th.  With the help […]