Dec 042015
Juliet's New Medicine Making Course

Announcing Juliet Blankespoor’s Incredible New Online Classes – Beginning With Her HERBAL MEDICINE MAKING COURSE It is always an honor to help spread the word about the good works of our Plant Healer Magazine writer/teachers, and never more so than in the case of dear Juliet Blankespoor’s new Herbal Immersion online course available January 8th.  With the help […]

Jul 242013
In the Burned Forest: A Walk Through the Mist

In the more lightly burned areas of the forests just above us in the White Mountains of Arizona, the Fireweed is blooming in colorful profusion between the blackened spikes of destroyed trees. This beautiful member of the Onagraceae family is also one of my favorite herbs, being especially talented at reducing inflammation, astringing lax tissue, […]

Jan 232013
Sam Coffman & The Herbal Resurgence

Sam Coffman & The Herbal Resurgence –Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous – Near The Grand Canyon – Sept 19th-22nd– by Jesse Wolf Hardin We’re really stretching the bounds of herbalism and herbal conferences at the 2013 Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous, hosting over 50 of the most adventurous class topics again this September.  From Anne Merrill’s “Ecology of […]

Oct 102012
Autumn Indeed

Though I live on the cusp between Faery and human dwelling, it is indeed Autumn here in the Canyon. My apologies for the seemingly random resend of the Summer Solstice post by feedburner to my email subscribers. Perhaps feedburner objects to the coming cold season? In any case, we canyon folk are sadly watching the […]

Oct 092012
Rosemary's Remedy!

There aren’t many of us American herbalists not familiar with the beloved Rosemary Gladstar, whose work actively promoting and spreading herbalism has had an incredible impact on the accessibility of plant medicine! While most know her best from her books and teaching, Rosemary is also an activist, phenomenal networker, community creator, endangered plant advocate, gardener, […]

Jul 042012
Medicine Bear Novel Announcement – With Excerpt …. It’s Here!  Fresh off the press, Wolf’s new novel THE MEDICINE BEAR …. The first boxes of this exciting book have arrived, and Wolf is currently signing copies for mailing out to all who ordered one.  I highly recommend it!  As I wrote for its pages: The Medicine Bear is a powerful […]

Jun 202012
Fernflower and Blackberries: Celebrating the Summer Solstice

Vodu upav. Kupalo na Ivana! Happy Summer Solstice/Midsummer to all of you on this side of the hemisphere! And Blessed Ivan Kupailo/Kupala Day to all you Russians/Ukrainians/Poles/Belorussians who celebrate the old ways! Today is a lovely day for weaving flower wreaths, making food magic with berries, playing in the forest, and searching for that mythical […]

Apr 302012
Summer First Aid for the Little Ones and You!

I like to periodically share offerings from other herbalists here and I couldn’t resist passing on the info for this free webinar being given by midwife, herbalist, doctor, Plant Healer columnist, and TWHC teacher, Aviva Romm. This 90 minute presentation will discuss first aid for summer, focusing on herbal treatments for the most common summer […]