May 312008
Golden Flax Bread

For those of us unable to eat grains in any form, bread can seem like a thing of the past. I went years without eating bread, much to my great sadness. And then, I discovered flax! I’d made flax crackers before and they’re great but I had no idea flax could become something firm, fluffy […]

May 062008
Playing in the Sweet Clover

While many of the herbal bloggers are busy on planet Dandelion, I’ve been off in a different direction. While I adore Dandelions, they’re not very common here, and my attention generally remains on what’s abundant and available. To this end, I’ve been laying on the river banks with my face buried in this season’s most […]

Jan 222008

Another excerpt from Loba’s Enchanted Pantry, written in the days before I knew that garlic and tomato sauce both do strange things to my belly. It is fabulously yummy though, so enjoy an extra bowl for me 😉 Oh, and for those of you who requested a copy of the cookbook, I’m in the process […]

Dec 032007

3 Parts Larrea leaf/flower infused oil 2 Parts Cottonwood bud infused oil 1 Part Cypress (or Thuja) leaf/berry infused oil 1 Part Ginger root infused oil Sprinkle of Chile powder (you can use Cayenne, but I prefer Chile Piquin myself) Blend oils and Chile powder, then add melted beeswax until you reach your desired consistency. […]

Dec 022007
Root Magic - Homemade Ginger Ale for Upset Bellies

Rebecca mentioned on her most recent blogpost how Winter is the time to switch from leafy greens to roots and seeds, and I couldn’t agree more! There’s so profoundly nourishing and magical about cold season root brews. I have this amazing Chinese round clay pot that was a gift from a dear herbal friend, that […]

Dec 022007

Here I am, late but present for this month’s blogparty hosted by Dreamseeds Ever since the cold weather came, complete with ice, rain and chilling winds, we’ve been brewing many pots of Ginger tea and long cooked bone broths on our antique wood stove in the cabin’s cozy little kitchen. The glass herb jars that […]

Nov 192007
Butternut Miso Soup With Ginger, Broccoli & Tahini

Another Loba’s Lovin’ Kitchen specialty! For the greens, I especially recommend Watercress… 1 1/2 quarts of water 1 small butternut or other winter squash, cooked and cut up 1 cup of cooked brown rice (optional) 3 carrots, chopped 1 large bunch of broccoli, chopped 3 tablespoons freshly grated ginger, minced 5-7 cloves of garlic, minced […]

Nov 162007
Wild Rose & Chokecherry Liniment

Down by the river, the mud is skimmed with ice — crisp spectral lace that forms, transforms and disappears in the midday sun. We’ve had a few hard frosts in the past week, yet the green things on the riverbank keep on growing. There’s Yellowdock, Watercress, Violets (just a few), Sweet Clover, Horsetail, Landcress and […]

Oct 312007

This is a nice little recipe to use when there’s deep, hard congestion low in the chest and possible inflammation and infection. It’s also good for simple sinus congestion. All three of these herbs are traditional lung and sinus herbs, and have the total effect of instant (though somewhat temporary) congestion, reducing inflammation and tightening […]

Oct 262007

Another amazing and incredibly simple recipe from Loba’s Enchanted Pantry cookbook. This one is especially timely, with root veggies very much in season and Watercress still available in many places. Even when I lived in the NE I could often find Watercress growing from springs that don’t freeze in the Winter, look under the snow […]

Oct 222007

It’s become fairly common knowledge even among the scientific establishment that honey makes a superior burn and wound dressing. It’s especially good at preventing and resolving infection, even with antibiotic resistant infections. It also excels at keeping inflammation to a manageable level and seems to help the regeneration of new tissue. The next obvious step […]

Oct 092007
Roasted Quail with Merlot Sauce

Serves 2 to 4 (depending on how much else is being served) 4 quail 1 1/3 cups Merlot 2/3 cup chopped dried figs A pinch of cinnamon 4 tablespoons sour cream Salt Cook the wine and figs together until reduced by half, adding the cinnamon at the last. Take off the heat and stir in […]