Jun 132010
Summer's Spice: Beebalm Flower Infused Honey

Summer’s Spice: Beebalm Flower Infused Honey It won’t be long now until the first brilliant purple flowers of Beebalm explode into bloom here in the Canyon. Locals call this gorgeous wildflower either Oregano de la Sierra or just Wild Oregano. Because yep, it tastes spicy and rather Oregano-like. The botanical name of this particular species […]

Nov 062009
Rich, Sweet & Wild: Acorn and Pine Nut Infused Butter

Most of my readers well know my fondness for the sweet, rich taste of New Mexico’s wild acorn. This smooth dark nut from the evergreen woodlands of the Southwest’s middle mountain ecology is often prolific and a great favorite of local wildlife. And with good reason, as this little nutrient powerhouse is both delicious and […]

Oct 302009
Wild Woodlands Morning Brew

There’s nothing like breathing in the richness of the forest while waking up to the beauty all around us. Witnessing dawn erupting in shades of magenta and gold over the horizon while immersed in the taste of the pine trees and oak forest is an incomparable experience that even the most hardcore coffee junkies should […]

Jul 102009
Primal Flax Donuts - Four Variations

We’re celebrating my 29th birthday today with an amazing meal, and one of the stars at the center of it all are these amazing primal (or nearly so) donuts (which also happen to be gluten free). I’ve done four variations in this recipe, and they were all amazing, with the Blueberry/Pecan being the most hardcore […]

Jan 212009
Smooth & Creamy Winter Squash Delight

All Winter long, we keep baked apples and winter squash roasting away in the wood stove. They get distributed into nearly every meal and snack, along with copious amounts of spices and butter for a special cold season delight that warms both belly and soul. We don’t eat flour based pastas and so find spaghetti […]

Aug 252008

This relish is an Enchanted Pantry twist on one of the more unusual Mediterranean recipes.  You can eat it right away, but it gets even better overnight.  It’s great mixed with some yogurt and eaten with pita or other fresh bread, with maybe a little hummus alongside.  Carnivores will especially enjoy it served with any […]

Jun 102008

This is Loba and I’s favorite way to cook up Beaver meat. I prefer fresh tomatoes or homemade tomato sauce but we’ve given the ingredients in easy to find materials for your convenience. This is a simple and tasty recipe and can easily be adapted to become beaver chili or something similar. It’s also excellent […]