Aug 192017
Woodland Greens Flatbread: Lambsquarter Pancakes with Lingonberries

These pancakes will be more like crepesf or wraps to many American’s minds, lacking any leavening as they do. They are eggy, chewy, pleasantly flavorful, and certainly one of my favorite ways to cook Lambsquarters! They’re traditionally made with Spinach, but good Spinach is difficult to find in my rural/wilderness area, and Chenopodium is abundant indeed. […]

May 242016
Foraging Matters: Tips & Advice from Wendy Butter Petty

FORAGING MATTERS Presenting The Wisdom of Plant Healer & Wild Forager Wendy “Butter” Petty ––––––––––––––––––––––– People get into the art of foraging for different reasons, including saving money by integrating wild and free fare, treasuring how much better foraged foods can taste, and knowing that they are often healthier for us than anything we can […]

Oct 172013
Desert Honey Cake

My Desert Honey Cake is based on the traditional Scottish Whisky Cake, but with the addition/substitution of readily available bioregional ingredients such as mesquite flour and pine nuts. I feel that the earthy, malted flavor of mesquite flour blends beautifully with the peaty, slightly smokey flavor of good  scotch whisky to make a rich, complex, […]

May 132011
Weedwifery: A Feral Approach to Folk Herbalism

With the current drought here in southwestern New Mexico only getting worse right now, I have never been so grateful for widely available, locally abundant, feral as all hell weeds. So much of the land in every direction is eerily brown and dormant despite the warm weather. There are very few birds or insects compared […]

Jul 142010
Deep As Root & Song: In Rambling Praise of Wildcrafting

This is for the July Blog Party on Adventures in Herbalism, hosted by Darcey Blue of Gaia’s Gifts. I’m all about the up close and personal.  I learn best through my senses and direct experience. This is perhaps more true in the way I practice herbalism and relationship with the plants than almost anything else. […]

Apr 192010
The Forager's Basket Series

For those who don’t regularly read the Anima Lifeways and Herbal School blog, you might be interested in my newest series of posts over there called The Forager’s Basket. Mostly made up of concise profiles of common wild foods, this series aims to give people an ongoing look at the wide array of easily available […]