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Classes for Herbalists, Healers, & Culture Shifters – at the upcoming 2018 Good Medicine Confluence 

For the first many years of Plant Healer’s annual international gatherings, our characteristically beautiful rural event sites had too few buildings of us to expand the number of classes to accommodate topics beyond essential foundational folk herbalism.  Fortunately, since moving our Good Medicine Confluence to its new mountain-top site in Durango, Colorado, we have been able to procure sufficient spaces to expand our topics to include additional modalities, and means for a wildly healthy and deeply meaningful life. In May, 2018, we will be presenting 5 days and nights of classes and entertainment for the same prices as most conferences charge for only 3: over 70 inspiring teachers presenting over 140 unique classes that have never been taught anywhere before, exploring the depths and frontiers of empowered healing in all its many forms from botanical medicine to healthy foods, nature therapy, and the radical remaking of the current cultural paradigm! 

Good Medicine Confluence Website: www.PlantHealer.org/intro.html


There is more and more evidence every year, regarding the medical benefits of Cannabis and CBD, made all the more relevant and urgent by the current pharmaceutical opioids epidemic. Sadly, this is in the face of a frightened and often puritanical reaction on the part of the status quo. Herbalist gatherings can be afraid to explore the topic, and the Good Medicine Confluence recently lost the sponsorship of an online herbal “mentoring” business because of our including classes about the science and uses of this botanical species. We understand the skittishness, but remain disturbed about the degree to which the garnering of mainstream acceptance can ever be more important than advancing a diverse materia medica which includes all efficacious plants – including beneficial Cannabis. It is not our cause or mission, it is just another of countless amazing plants…. but it is a plant that can improve the health and healing of many. The following handful of 2018 Confluence classes by Ericka Zamora-Wiggins, Sean Croke, Juanita Nelson, Rachel Rose Hessheimer, and Sean Donahue, contribute much to its study and understanding.


Honoring the Spirit of Cannabis & All Plant Nations Through Right Relationship

with Ericka Zamora-Wiggins (1.5 hrs)

A Medicine of the People, Cannabis is making a resurgence as a helper and healer for humanity and the planet. We are learning more everyday about the many uses and benefits of this important medicine as it seeks to help humanity heal the body, mind, heart and spirit in these important times on Earth. We are witnessing a renaissance as many flock to the medicine for personal healing resulting in a “green rush” in the industry.

In the recent past, we have seen how the medicine was criminalized and used against the people, resulting in the incarceration of millions of people of color. We continue to the see the effects of the demonization of Cannabis, impacting how people, including healers relate to the medicine. We are currently witness to the effects greed and ignorance and the resulting careless and often violent handling of our precious plant relative.

We will look to our Indigenous relatives to understand how traditional beliefs about health and healing revolve around the understanding of living in harmony with all of Nature. We will talk about how to relate to Cannabis and all plant relatives when utilizing them to support life and heal ourselves. Our Indigenous elders teach us that natural law calls for balance and harmony to be achieved in some form, especially as we relate to the plants that heal us. Natural law is the keeper of all healing traditions, and striving for right relationship with our medicine is critical in honoring ourselves and the precepts of respect, relationship, and reciprocity. We will experience developing our own relationship through practice. We will take time to connect through a special plant meditation enhanced and supported by Cannabis flower essences.


Blending Cannabis With Other Healthful Herbs

with Sean Donahue (1.5 hrs)

Whether as an aid to neuropsychoimmunological regulation. or as a plant bringing the medicine of pleasure to our bodies (essentially doing the same thing), Cannabis is a plant that can bring beautiful healing to many people.  For beings like us whose nervous and endocrine systems evolved in a world rich with plant diversity, Cannabis, like all our other beloved herbs, can often bring ever greater benefit when it is combined with other herbs.  We will discuss how Cannabis can be combined in smoke blends with other herbs to shift the somatic experience the medicine brings.


Solventless Cannabis Extractions:

The History and Methodologies of Processing This Healing Plant

with Rachel Rose Hessheimer (1.5 hrs)

Hashish is the oleoresin product of an extraction process commonly applied to Cannabis known as Hashing.  Hashing is generally defined as a physical separation process where a larger structure is mechanically broken down into smaller, more concise, parts.  Hashing is directly translated into the practice of processing Cannabis into solventless concentrated extracts, which can be enjoyed or administered in a variety of ways.  The practice originally comes from the Himalayan Region of Kashmir, which also includes Eastern Pakistan, Northern India, and Western China, and later became prominent and quite famously produced in Northern Africa as well. Hashish has been made and used for thousands of years, and has an incredibly rich and fascinating history in many cultures across the globe. 

Today, sparked by a collective crisis in human and environmental health, social ideologies and political systems are changing their perspectives regarding Cannabis on a mass scale.  Cannabis is reemerging into various public spheres, due to its adaptogenic and homeostatic potentials, and therefore Hashish is experiencing a resurgence in popularity as well. The craft of extracting the aromatic oleoresins of Cannabis is an artform as ancient as the beginnings of human civilization itself.  The practices of processing Hashish without solvents, which are just as applicable today, yield the most flavorful, highly prized, and superior quality products on the market, which not only appease the most discriminating of connoisseurs, but hold even more potential in our ability to treat a multitude of medical and psychological health conditions.  Solventless Cannabis extracts possess the ability to express natural, nuanced, and highly complex flavor and aroma combinations, which are uniquely available in as vast a variety of extracts as are present in the number of species cultivars.

In this class, we will specifically be exploring the history of Hashish, Cannabis Botany and Materia Medica, the different methods of solventless extraction, equipment and technique, sustainable processing practices, the art of curing, and clinical applications.


The Alchemy of Cannabis:

Biochemical Pathways, Magical History, Alchemical Preparation, & Extraction Methods
with Sean Croke (1.5 hrs)

This class will cover cannabis in terms of history, modern research and traditional uses along with understanding how various products are made today. We can compare the effects of known chemical interactions in the body to our own personal experiences. We will thoroughly cover the difference in products based on extraction techniques. This is important in regards to understanding what we are buying/creating and what we are therefore supporting. This class is meant to bring a more traditional, herbalistic approach to cannabis fused with modern day research supporting the use of more traditional methods versus newer, pharmaceutical methods of isolating compounds.


Breastfeeding, Herbs, & Cannabis Use in Pregnancy

with Juanita Nelson (1.5 hrs)

There are specific considerations that can affect plant use in breastfeed moms and their babies.  Because of the unique ability of the breasts to transfer any substance through the milk it is a great opportunity to treat both mom and baby. In many ways it is opposite from what happens in pregnancy and what works in one does not necessarily work in the breastfeeding period.

We are learning amazing facts everyday about breast milk and it’s unique ability to adapt to the needs of each individual baby.  It can change immediately from one chemical composition to another in direct response to babies’ needs.  Herbs can enhance or interfere with that process and create a direct tool for facility or disruption.  As a delivery system is it unique.  We will explore the unique circumstances of treatment during breastfeeding.  Breast infections and the treatment of them will also be discussed.

Women have used cannabis during pregnancy and breastfeeding for a variety of reasons ranging from easing the nausea of early pregnancy to encouraging milk letdown. How and why this can affect both Mom and baby will be discussed. Colorado deems it legal to use cannabis for recreational use but it’s use during pregnancy and breastfeeding is controversial and can lead to the involvement of social services and legal action again.


Hands-On Demonstration Lab:

Soxhlet Extraction of Cannabis: A Demonstration Using Legal Turmeric
with Sean Croke (2 hrs)

This Lab demonstration class will exhibit the setup and extraction of herbs using a Soxhlet Extractor. We will extract turmeric showing the differences between a common month long maceration vs a soxhlet extraction. We will go over the necessary chemical equations to properly understand boiling point, vacuum pressure, temperature, evaporation and condensation. This class is meant to arm the attendee with knowledge to fully encompass vacuum distillations and extractions. This is especially important when extracting herbs that are heat sensitive. This is also good for extraction and recrystallization of more insoluble chemicals that may not come out in a typical maceration.


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