Sep 232007

Spanish NeedlesWow, I’m about buried under plants this weekend! The dining room holds about three hundred pounds of local Apples just now, gallons of roasted Acorns and many sparkly jars of newly canned Blackberry Sauce and Prickly Pear Syrup on the counter. In the Medicine Lodge, the floor is about three feet deep in drying Motherwort, Raspberry leaves, Globemallow, Mullein, Spanish Needles (see the pretty picture, it’s also called Bidens), Sage, Lion’s Ear, Snakeweed and Moonwort. My shelves are sagging with freshly put up tinctures, syrups, honeys, elixirs, jars of dried herbs, oils, salves and other wild plant treasures. I feel deeply satisfied with our harvest of food and medicine this year, snug and secure for another Winter in the Saliz Mountain.

Trying to keep up with the harvest can be a full time job in itself, but living a fragile land of uncertain harvests, I’ll never complain about the effort that goes into preserving the bounty! I’ll be back to my more regular posting after this weekend’s Sister Spirit Retreat. A new Talking With Plants post is coming up as is this month’s blogparties. And then we’ll get back to a few Wild Woman Primer posts too. So much to look forward to this Fall.

Have you ever had a hand ground raw cacoa hazelnut truffle rolled in finely powdered Acorn powder? There’s no words for it, just ymmmmmmmmmmmm. 😀

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