Jun 052017

Bring Your Kids to the Good Medicine Confluence Youth Village – June 14-18

Tickets for Kids Aged 10 to 17  – Only $69 for all 5 Days! – Kids Under 10 Attend Free!

Go to the Registration Page at: http://www.PlantHealer.org/intro.html

Building The Plant Healer Kids’ Tribe

by Asa Henderson

I don’t want my son to reach intellectual maturity without input from our non-human brothers and sisters on this planet, and the upcoming Good Medicine Confluence will help me ensure that he won’t.  He was only 1 year old when we took him to Plant Healer’s very first event (The Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference), and we’ve returned nearly every year since. I want other children to have this experience of nature, culture, and the blurring of the line between the two, leading us to  volunteer to coordinate the Plant Healer Youth Village in 2014 and ‘15. 

June 14th through 18th there will once again be an amazing group of volunteers and parents who have come up with some wonderful classes and activities.  Kids can expect nature-based arts and crafts such as printing with plants, experiential explorations of herbs, medicine making, and lots of play.

There will be a meeting of teachers and parents to discuss the schedule at 1pm Wed. the 14th, at the Youth Village site on the Ft. Lewis campus.  Parents of little ones may want to meet them to arrange for trading childcare time.

I will be teaching a couple of kid classes again this year.  If you’re as excited as I am about this and would like to help make it happen or have an idea for an activity you’d like to guide, contact the 2017 Youth Village Director to volunteer:

Ashley Kulik ashleymkulik@gmail.com

But the most important ingredient in this awesome kids’ camp is the kids themselves, so the most important thing you can do is to bring them! 

The Good Medicine Confluence will benefit from the vitality of your kids, and the movement toward a humanity more attuned to nature will get a new generation of ambassadors!

Tickets for Kids Aged 10 to 17  – Only $69 for all 5 Days! – Kids Under 10 Attend Free!

Go to the Registration Page at:


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