Oct 102007

Wolf is always managing to smash, sprain, strain, bruise or bang something. So a few days ago when he came home from Socorro with his hand about three times its normal size I was pained but not surprised. After hearing the somewhat grisly story I realized he was just lucky he hadn’t completely smashed or punctured the whole center of his hand, from the top all the way through to the palm.

Now, normally I don’t experiment on acute injuries, but Wolf being family, I didn’t think he’d mind 😉

Usually, I would treat something like this with a liniment made with Cottonwood, Mugwort, Peony root and Datura. This combo will help with the pain and swelling and speed the healing process considerably. Comfrey is also nice if you suspect broken bones. I did feel there was the chance for fractures with immense swelling and pain, so I chose a native relative to Comfrey, Mountain Bluebells (Mertensia ciliata). I had a small amount of warm-process flower and leaf infused oil from my Arizona mountain adventure, so I immediately rubbed a generous amount into the area (very, very gently so he wouldn’t scream).

Two days later, the hand is its normal size and the pain is minor. It would probably be pain-free at this point if he’d stop using it for five minutes. There is absolutely no bruising, even after the hand was pinned between a huge slab of metal and a trailer hitch crank.

So I’m impressed. I’m looking forward to using it again on someone who doesn’t have quite as much quick healing capacity as Wolf to better test its capability.

  2 Responses to “Bluebell Oil for Blunt Trauma”

  1. WOW I will be on the lookout for these, I think we may have some up here (mt hood) 🙂

  2. I would think so, I think they’re fairly common from the mountains of the SW all the way to the riverbanks of Alaska. Theyre most likely at a lower elevation where you are though, being so much further north. This kind, M. ciliata bloom in late summer, but there’s some smaller ones that bloom in the spring too.

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