Oct 212007

Don’t forget to send me your blogparty post links by the end of this month. The theme is herbalism with local plants, you experiences, feelings and thoughts.

PS Sorry if I’m taking longer than normal to moderate comments, the comment spam is totally out of control (about 40 a day just now), even with the addition of spam filters. Argh.

  3 Responses to “BlogParty Reminder”

  1. Akismet is your friend, together with, lemmesee now, challenge.
    http://akismet.com/ (sign up for an account on wordpress.com to get a key)

  2. Yay, I finally got Akismet to work, for the longest time I couldn’t get it to verify my key because of a weird connection problem. But now it seems to be working.

    I installed Challenge and set it up but it doesn’t appear to be working, it could be because I just installed the newest release of WordPress and not all plugins have been working with it.

    We’ll see how Akismet does for now. I still don’t understand how the bots get through recaptcha though.


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