Jul 022011

We’re thrilled to announce a new column for Plant Healer by Aviva Romm! The column is called Birth Roots and is focused on the intersection of herbalism and midwifery from a practitioner’s perspective. Aviva has been studying midwifery and herbalism since she was just 16 years old and has been practicing for over 20 years now. She has made an invaluable contribution to the herbal world through integrating her work as an herbalist, midwife and physician. Through her blending of skills and worlds, she’s reached an enormous number of people with her writing, teaching and clinical practice. Her books are trusted references and guides for pregnant women, parents and herbalists alike. Her most recent title, Botanical Medicine For Women’s Health, seems to be one of the most widely trusted and commonly referred to texts by clinicians on the subject.

I’m personally excited about this  column because I’ve found it quite difficult to source out quality information and teaching on the subject of herbalism in midwifery by someone well versed in both arts and comfortable instructing students from either side of the midwife/herbalist border. Aviva’s experience and expertise as both a practitioner and a teacher makes her a perfect addition to Plant Healer’s diverse array of writers.

Central to Plant Healer’s mission is to be a publication dedicated to herbalism from the ground up. Part of how we accomplish this is by being focused on topics and teachers who are working in the real world as clinicians, wildcrafters, farmers, activists, medicine makers and other active roles connecting plants and people. Fertility, pregnancy, birthing and childcare are certainly an incredibly foundational aspect of human life and thus an important part of almost any healer’s education. My hope is that the new Birth Roots column will serve to provide insight, clarity and growth in our readers’ journeys as herbalists, midwives and nurturers of a new generation of plant lovers!

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And here to learn more about Aviva’s work.

  3 Responses to “Birth Roots: New Midwifery Column in Plant Healer by Aviva Romm”

  1. Now this is what I call a great blog! So full of information! One of the things we are lacking at this time is knowledge such as you’re presenting. Our life force is diminishing because we don’t know that just a few subtle changes, such as working with herbs and wild plants, could change our personal vibration significantly.

  2. I agree good sources of herbal knowledge are difficult to source and your magazine is just what is needed. I am very excited to hear that Aviva will be writing a column. Welcome!

  3. I am really glad to see this. I’ve been reading some of Aviva’s articles in the AHG journal and trying to pick some information up from her there.

    Thanks, Kiva, for always looking for new information for us.

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