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Announcing the Teachers for the
Sept 19-22

Against all odds, Herbal Resurgence/TWHC continues to act as a seedbed for the revival and reinvigoration of folk herbalism in the western world, fostering its culture, serving its diverse community, and growing in ways never expected.

Download the Announcement for 2013 Details

For the latest details about the upcoming 2013 event, download and share the:
2013 Herbal Resurgence Information

New Herbal Resurgence Website

I wrote almost entirely new text for the Herbal Resurgence website, which will be up later this week!  Kiva is hard at work creating pages and layout even as we speak. It effectively replaces the old Traditions In Western Herbalism site with three important components.  Branches extend to the Resurgence Rendezvous (rewilded conference) pages, Plant Healer Magazine, and a Community section that we will increasingly turning into a forum and networking resource for everyone in our resurgent folk herbal community.

Announcing Our 2013 Teachers

There are a lot of ways in which Herbal Resurgence is different from other conferences, from having teachers and students mingle, and supporting the voice of younger and less known herbalists, to encouraging conservation and activism.  From the “get-go,” the result has been attracting an audience of the most passionate and personable plant people, inluding the independent and the disaffiliated, kitchen herbalists, alienated youth, outliers and self-described misfits.   And from the beginning, we’ve had a ton of applications to teach from the most amazing herbal teachers, enthused to bring to this event, community and movement, their most detailed, personal, vulnerable, daring, adventurous class topics…. this year ranging from crucial clinical topics to Animist Herbalism and Curanderismo.

Of all the difficult tasks that come with organizing the Resurgence, one of the hardest for us is having to tell any of our teacher applicants that all the slots are filled, or that we needed a different topic in order to have the balance of material that we need.  And one of the most pleasurable of our tasks, is being able to write back and tell them that their proposal has been accepted…

…and to be able to announce to you next year’s amazing lineup!  Included are a number of teachers we’ve never hosted before, alsong with treasured returnees that are some of the most insightful herbalists, as well as most devoted to the Resurgence and its goals.  Without further adieu, we proudly present to you our 2013 presenters:

Caroline Gagnon • James Snow • Matthew Wood • Mimi Hernandez • Phyllis Light • Kiva Rose • Paul Bergner • Juliet Blankespoor • Kiki Geary • Ben Zappin • Sarah Lawless • Ingrid Bauer • Phyllis Hogan • Mike Masek • Bevin Clare • 7Song • Jim McDonald • Larken Bunce • 
Charles “Doc” Garcia • Howie Brounstein • Anne Merrill • Darcey Blue French  • Julie Caldwell • Denise Tracy Cowan • Katja Swift • Sean Donahue and more
Our hats off to them!

Expanded to 4 days of classes! – Classes start Thursday the 19th

The clamor for us to lengthen this event has been loud and continuous, and this year we accepted too many incredible class proposals to possibly fit it all into less than 4 days. This next Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous will start Thursday afternoon (Sept. 19th) rather than that evening, with a full set of awesome classes following the day’s opening welcome.


The next issue of the newsletter will be released in mid to late November, with class descriptions, and reviews and photos from the 2012 event sent in by folks who attended.  To subscribe, simply go to the Intro page of the Herbal Resurgence/TWHC website and enter your email address.
Have a great Fall, and join us in looking forward already to a wild time in the Coconino in September.

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