Jan 112009

So, I’m currently swamped finishing up the websites (I keep thinking I’m done and then catch a few more things that need work) and barely maintaining my load of emails, so I haven’t been able to write anything for the blog in the last few days, as much as I’d have liked to. I think that when ya’ll see the new websites, you’ll agree that it’s worth the post deficit. I’ve also had a steady stream of consultations lately, and one of my online clients has done a couple of nice posts about her experience with me on her blog that you might like to check out.

The new sites should be up by Friday night I hope. I can’t upload from here due to our limited bandwidth (thank you satellite internet) and so have to head to nearby town to upload from a nice fast DSL connection. I will of course do a post here when everything is up and running with some highlights of the new sites.

Meanwhile, Rhiannon (my 8 year old daughter) has one of her best friends over for the day and they are barefoot up in the tip-top of a Juniper tree giggling and eating berries.

Thanks to everyone for their patience, I can’t wait to catch up on the blog, student work and emails!

  2 Responses to “An Update”

  1. I am so happy Rhiannon has her friend over and is enjoying the juniper trees.
    I have personally been seeing juniper in my minds eye so to speak and not totally able to get out to where they are due to the intense road conditions here.

    So I bought some berries…lol

    I was so happy to have you on my blog and wished now I had asked more questions.

    Maybe as time goes on we can do a kiva part 2. The books and all we never even got to!

  2. I don’t at all mind less posts. Especially in winter, I appreciate the slower pace, and having more time to digest the writing before moving on to something new. Please enjoy your doing other things time!

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