Feb 262009

The weather is beautiful and warm, breezy and full of dappled sunlight. Too bad I seem to have caught a random Spring cold that has me feeling like my head is stuffed full of rubber cement and my throat lined with razor blades to accompany the sinus headache of the century. It’s times like these I’m really thrilled to have some pre-made formulas, because I probably couldn’t come up with a functional compound to save my life at the moment. So yay for herbal chest rub (thanks Kristena!),  soothing dandelion/nettle/wild leek miso soup, mallow/rose elixir (for the sore throat, lovely lovely) and elderberry elixir (if only I’d taken it earlier).

Another side effect of this very unseasonal cold is that I can’t seem to make sense of three words in a row, which is why I’m not answering emails at a very efficient pace right now. Sorry, if you’re awaiting a consultation, application, email or lesson, I’m working on it (albeit in slow motion molasses style). Some distant part of me feels energetic and excited to do things, but it doesn’t seem to be connected to the rest of my body.

So today you get this cheery little note and now I’m going back to puzzling my way through emails and student work until it’s time to take a nice walk in the last of the sunshine and try to smell the loveliness of the season through my very congested sinuses. Maybe I’ll even take a nap in a patch of sunlight — not bloody likely though, I’m terrible at naps, they make me restless, heh.

At least there’s perky yet weird music coming through my headphones to help keep me alert (kinda)… even if the head cold causes it to seem like the sound is coming out of a long tunnel before reaching me. Who knew banjos under a bridge sounded so good?


Oh, and head over to the Anima blog to read my most recent installment in my series on the ecology of the Gila with small profiles of native medicinal herbs, this one was on the Pine forest. These rather long posts are drafts for pieces of my upcoming Medicinal Plants of the Gila (or something like that) book, which will include writings on the ecology of the Gila, extensive (and many) plant monographs and basic medicine making instructions etc.

  4 Responses to “An Unseasonal Event & The Music at the End of the Tunnel”

  1. dandelion/nettle/wild leek miso soup, wow, i am enchanted by the way this soup sounds!

  2. It’s really yummy, the way we do it is with South River Miso’s Dandelion/Wild Leek miso (that also has nettles and sea vegetables in it) and then add our own wild greens and domestic leeks and chicken…. it’s super yummy.

    And this morning we had a different variation with chicken, wild mustard, asparagus, carrots, lemon sauce and poached eggs. SOOO good…. even though I can hardly taste anything.

  3. My baby’s got the spring cold too. She’s lovin on the Elderberry elixer with ginger tincture in water with a little maple syup in her bottle. Rose/Mallow elixer, huh? Sounds yummy. Are they fresh flowers/roots in half brandy-half honey?

  4. Hi Amber, I’m using fresh wild roses tinctured in brandy/honey combined with Mallow root in vodka/glycerine but it would probably work fine with dried plants (and regular domestic roses) as well. It is very yummy, and works great for sore throats and general inflammation and heat (including those hot, unproductive coughs that get down into the chest).

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