Sep 282017

Last week Wolf, Rhiannon, and I headed over to Arizona to have a 3d/4d ultrasound done. Ælfyn has been kicking up a storm in there, and often responds to voices and music, most especially Wolf’s laughter and certain kinds of drumming, so we’ve been extra eager to see him. I was at exactly 28 weeks when we had it done, and it was nice to see that he had chubby cheeks, was over 2.5 lbs, with a healthy heart, and growing just as expected.


While the ultrasound was blurrier than we would have liked, it was certainly clear enough to watch him wave his hands around, grin, and even look like he was laughing. Now, I’m well aware that “professionals” will say that new babies only smile because of gas etc., and that it’s not a sign of emotional happiness, but Ælfyn certainly looked like an excited baby to me, wiggling and waving with that big grin.

It was a big relief for me to see him so healthy and vital, as this pregnancy hasn’t been an easy one, dealing with both gallbladder issues and anemia on top of my ongoing health issues such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, various auto-immune problems, and the like. Now that I’m recovering from the worst of my anemia, I actually have enough energy to be excited about this final trimester!

I’ll be posting more soon on how I’ve treated some of my health issues during pregnancy. I would have liked to have written about it more regularly before now, but the truth is, that I’ve barely had enough energy to get through each day for the last many months, and had absolutely nothing left over for writing anything coherent. These days though, I’m starting to feel much better, as evidenced by the fact that my autistic brain is back to hyperfocusing on research, languages, and ancestral ethnobotany!

Linguistic Note: By the way, Ælfyn’s name is not so frightening as it may first seem to write/type/say. The letter Æ, which is called ash/æsc/ ᚫ in Old English, can be made by pressing alt/option + ” on most computers, but it’s also just fine to write Aelfyn. Given the era of Anglo-Saxon Old English/Ænglisc we’re drawing from, his name is pronounced ALE-fin. Some people will argue for a different æ pronunciation closer to the a in happy or apple, but I can refer you to my favorite Anglo-Saxon scholars and linguists if you’re interested in that discussion. 


  6 Responses to “Ælfyn’s Smile: A Small Peek Inside Another World”

  1. Oh, pooh on the experts. Little Ælfyn is having a great time and apparently loves having his picture taken!

  2. What an amazing view into the wombiverse! So glad you are feeling better, Kiva. Hello to your excited little Ælfyn!

  3. Your boy is beautiful, Kiva!! And yes, I do believe he is gas there (and I’ve seen many pics of newborns smiling too, I don’t believe they had gas either!). So glad you are feeling better, and that your boy, and the rest of your family, are doing well!! <3

  4. So happy for you all! ❤

  5. Aww! Thank you for sharing those with us Kiva! How magical to see him smile! Glad to hear you are feeling a little better. Blessings to the family and little Ælfyn (it’s option apostrophe on a Mac) as he continues to grow! <3

  6. So, so happy to get a peek. I have been thinking of you frequently and hoping that you were progressing in a healthy and satisfying way for all . I love his name! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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