Jul 162017

Invitation To Submit Class Proposals For Plant Healer’s Annual International



In these times of oppressive Normalcy, Creating a Divergent Alternative Couldn’t Be More Fun!

––5 Big Days Every Year – May 16th-20th, 2018 – Durango, CO––

From Plant Healer’s first Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference in 2010, through the HerbFolk Gathering, Herbal Resurgence Gathering, and now the Good Medicine Confluence, Plant Healer events have been distinguished by their utter uniqueness, and the diversity and vibrancy of the attending tribe.  This has happily inspired emulation and the founding of new conferences worldwide, from anarchic to bioregional, while our events continue to evolve into exciting new forms as not yet imagined.  Always, our focus is on empowering as well as informing, promoting herbalism as the “people’s medicine,” offering a balance of useable information and life-changing inspiration… seeing our work as not just the healing of bodies but the mending and changing and beautifying of the wondrous world.

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