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Yes, I really am alive. And as of late last night, I’m done working on the redesign of Wolf’s new children’s book, I’m a Medicine Woman, Too! That means that I’ll spend the next several days to a week catching up on emails and digging into all the student work that was put on hold during the last week and a half.

Despite the complete insanity of my recent schedule, I’ve found time to photograph a few flowers, including the ever elusive Peach (Prunus persica) flowering! I say elusive, because almost every year, the frost and wind get to the flowers before I and my camera do. But this year I managed to capture the brilliant whiskey rose of my very favorite tree in full bloom. I really am in love with this tree, it makes the most amazing medicine, and is scent is just flat out intoxicating.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any time at all, you’ve probably noticed some of my many writings on this amazing medicinal plant.Β  Cooling, moistening and profoundly nourishing to the nervous system, Peach has a huge range of uses. It should be thought of any time there is heat and dryness, especially with active inflammation and red skin or skin afflictions and general constitutional sensitivity(pretty much typical of the whole rose family actually, although most members aren’t necessarily moistening.) It’s also a great remedy for many acute venomous stings, bites and similar allergic type reactions. Its power in this area easily matches Plantain, although they tend to have different specialties and work VERY well in tandem.

Another great Peach combination is Peach with Milky Oats for nervous fatigue/adrenal burnout with symptoms of fluid/yin deficiency, excessive heat and emotional irritability. I have a favorite formula based around this combo that I have dubbed “Peaches & Cream” that I use on a regular basis with many clients.

And don’t forget what a phenomenal belly herb Peach can be, especially where there’s nausea with a red-tipped tongue. Think of it for car-sickness and general nausea instead of Ginger wherever there’s signs of excess heat (feeling flushed and hot, hot flashes, red tongue, rapid pulse, etc.,) as well as for morning sickness (also with heat symptoms and the inability to keep anything down at all).

For more on this amazingly versatile herb, check out my article on it over on the Medicine Woman site. But first, enjoy these pictures of their breathtakingly beautiful flowers.






All photographs (c) 2009 Kiva Rose

  8 Responses to “A Much Needed Renewal: Peach Bliss”

  1. Lovely!!! I just ordered a copy of the book recently for my kiddies! Will I be getting a new version or an older version? (I’ll be happy with either so no worries but I was just curious!) btw I linked your blog to my herb blog! I hope that is ok! Also, I just wanted to say I hope you get too relax this weekend! πŸ™‚

  2. Hi April, we got your book order and it’s been shipped so it should be there soon! You’ll be getting the older version but they are essentially the same (to the naked eye a least, heh) except the new one will be hard back and have more pages of resources in the back, with a few non-story pages re-ordered and such. Also, the new version will have the advantage of being internationally available and available signed by the author…. it will be cheaper too but it won’t be out for at least five weeks.

    Thanks so much for linking to my blog! I’ve been meaning to link back to yours for a little while now as well. I think I owe you an email too (she says while digging through her overflowing inbox). If so, I’ll be getting back to you very soon. πŸ˜€

  3. No worries on getting back to me! Take your time as I know you have been super busy! Oh and the book came! It’s beautiful!!!!!

  4. Breathtaking photos! By the way, I’ve linked to your blog too, as well as to that of the Anima Center. When I create a links page for my website, I intend to add both sites to that as well … I’m redesigning my Forest Halls website, and am getting ready to launch an ezine on what I call “Village Nature”–what is the ‘ecosystem’ of healthy community, and how this true nature Village is an ongoing conversation with the land it is part of, and with Spirit, and with the unique genius of each member …?

    Nice to see you back “online”!


  5. we’ve still got a while before we get to see beautiful blooms like these around here (no peaches in these parts but i look forward to the apples, juneberries, etc), so its such a lovely treat to see your photos until then:)

  6. I can’t wait til our budget allows me to get your book, I think I’ll get a few of the new one soon, stocking up for Xmas πŸ™‚

    Are peach blossoms special medicine? My peach tree has lovely tasting leaves and twigs, but doesn’t make any peaches, the blossoms are happening right now though. Maybe dry them out for tea?

  7. Where on earth can you find Peach Leaf? I have looked everywhere and have had no luck. Please help

  8. Jim, as with most of the herbs I discuss on the blog, I gather them myself and such herbs are often not available commercially. In this case, I don’t know of anyone selling the the leaves in bulk, but the tincture can be purchased through many small herb providers such as jim mcdonald (herbcraft.org)

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