Oct 152009

I’m guessing that a fair number of my readers are parents, grandparents or caregivers for children, and that almost all of you are interested in herbs. If those two interests overlap at all for you, you’re going to want to check out this new herbal course created through a collaboration between John Gallagher of Learningherbs.com and herbalist Angela Goodloe of The Herbalist’s Path and Authentic Mama!

Simple, straight-forward and hands on, this accessible series of lessons will likely become invaluable for a great many people wanting a natural way to practice first-aid and support wellness in the little ones in their lives.

Here’s a short description of the course from the Kids & Herbs Website:

Kids & Herbs is a conversation between two parents who use herbs daily with their kids. I interview herbalist and mom Angie Goodloe, who shares her wisdom with us. Angie is a self taught herbalist with a Master Herbalist diploma from the American College of Health Sciences.

Kids & Herbs is not a workbook style course. There is no homework for the busy parent other than to try the remedies we suggest.

The casual, webinar format fits into the busiest parents life. I know how busy you are. I’m just as busy. So, with my years of home study training experience behind me, I create a course that works for the modern parent on the go.

It’s kind of like “multi-media home study course meets NPR interview.”

You can even take the audio or video on an iPod or iPhone to listen to in the car or watch on “your breaks” at work. 😉

And if that’s not enough to inspire you, get to know the teacher, wonderful herbalist and mother, Angela Goodloe, who just happens to be an Animá Medicine Woman student as well:

Angie is a mom to two beautiful kids, Wyatt(1) and Ella (2). She is a self taught herbalist with a Master Herbalist diploma from the American College of Health Sciences. Angie is a licensed massage therapist, and has past experience as a nutrition consultant, wellness director, personal trainer and an aerobics instructor.

Angie loves spending time outdoors with family, hiking, wildcrafting and camping. She lives with her husband and kids in Sandy, OR. She is constantly growing and learning more about herbs every day.

Angie teaches courses online. You can find out about them on her Blog as well as her new site, AuthenticMama.com. You can follow her on Twitter here.

Now, head on over to the Kids and Herbs website and check it out in full!

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