Aug 252008

I notice my RSS subscription number has about quadrupled in the last few months (I think there’s nearly 400 of you last time I looked), so I wanted to do a quick overview for new readers. This isn’t comprehensive, just a few tidbits for your reading pleasure. Soon, there will be a companion website where all this stuff is organized, but this’ll work for now.

In case you’ve missed my previous posts discussing Beebalm (Monarda spp.) for vaginal and urinary tract infections in the past, take note now. I’ve just finished working with four different cases of said infections, in varying degrees of severity (including one long term UTI) that cleared up completely within a couple of days. This is in addition to lifestyle changes (including copious amounts of water, improved hygiene and fewer carbs/refined sugars in most cases) but was clearly the turning point in each case. Considering how many women suffer from these painful, sometimes debilitating, infections, it’s worth taking note. If the infection is chronic, then mucus membrane tonics need to also be considered. And if the infection backs way off but still won’t quit, I usually add some Alder to the mix.

Another resoundingly effective treatment has been with Goldenrod liniment/oil for muscular cramps. This has a wide range of external uses, from eyelid twitches to severe uterine cramps to separated muscles. I make a pain liniment with Goldenrod and Cottonwood/Poplar as primary ingredients that’s so effective and popular with clients that I can hardly keep it stocked . Again, take note, these are incredibly common plants that are easily used by anyone.

Evening Primrose (Oenthera spp.) tea/infusion/tincture is an effective, very nourishing and fairly tasty tonic for the female (and probably male too) reproductive system, very nice for making cramps more manageable. It’s a gentle, sweet little plant that also has a variety of applications for the GI system and lungs, among other things.

Monkeyflower (Mimulus spp.) is a wonderful spirit lifting nervine that can be just great for doom and gloom depression, and a decided lack of joy in life. Just amazing with Milky Oats for depression from burnout.

There’s lots more, but these are very useful therapeutic tips you may not see elsewhere. If you want to know more about these plants and what I’ve written about them, be sure to utilize that handy search box over there to the left.

P.S. The fiddling’s coming steadily along, I’m still working on House of the Rising Sun and have added In the Pines, and Cold Rain & Snow. I do love my Old-Timey tunes. I’m currently learning from sheet music but I hope to get over that soon and learn by ear instead.

  5 Responses to “A Few Herbs in Review – ‘Specially for You Newcomers”

  1. I LOVE In the Pines and Cold Rain and Snow. Two of my all time faves! (I was introduced to the latter song by the Be Good Tanyas! Yay for them!) That is so freaking cool that you are fiddling…!!!!! (;

  2. yay Be Good Tanyas!

    Thanks for the overview, Kiva 🙂

  3. Thanks Sasha, I love the Be Good Tanyas too, I have a deep desire to play the violin solo as it’s done in Coo Coo Bird (one my number one forever favorite songs, especially all creepy and minor key like they did it), although they got that cool echoey sound using a pickup I guess…. The Horse Flies are also great for a similar fiddle sound. Judy Hyman, the violinist for the band, is just amazing.

    yay for the be good tanyas indeed, treesa, thanks for reading!

    and today I have my first real wood bow, instead of that weird, and disturbing, fiberglass bow that came with my fiddle.

  4. Kiva,
    The work with bee balm sounds fascinating. Are you referring to a bee balm tincture of the flowers and leaves?

  5. I mostly use the flowers in my tincture… you’ll want to read my articles specifically on Beebalm to get more details though.

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