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Plant Healer Newsletter Uncle Sam 72dpi

40 Pages-Long  July Newsletter for Folks Interested in Herbs

The July issue of the Plant Healer E-Newsletter will be mailed out on Monday the 14th.  The download link won’t be posted on this blog, so please make sure you are subscribed if you’d like to receive a copy.  Subscribe by going to our website and clicking on the “Subscribe” button on the far left side of the page:

This month’s issue is an overgrown 40 color pages in length, and includes:

Herbal Books Stairway – The Amazing Art of a Cyprus Apothecary
Sean Donahue Review
Jesse Wolf Hardin: Sacred Indulgence – Body Care
Robin Rose Bennett: Exclusive Excerpt from Her New Book
Irina Adam: The Magic of Botanical Scents
Asia Suler
Sylvia Linsteadt: Wild Talewort
Elka’s Healthful Recipes: Stuffed Grape Leaves & Watermelon Rind Pickles
HerbFolk Teacher Bios
Plant Healer Event Reviews
Herbalist Interview: Guido Masé

Spreading Like Weeds

We’re now reaching over 11,000 readers with absolutely free content.  Unlike with Plant Healer Magazine, which goes out primarily to committed herbal students and practicing herbalists, subscribers to the newsletter and blog include crossover folks just getting into herbalism, or with natural healing as a side interest.  It feels like one way to spread and grow this this mission of healing and love – this weedy revolution!

Advertise Inexpensively

Display ads in the Plant Healer Newsletter are priced low enough to be affordable to folks launching new herbal related projects.  Space in our pages is intended for the common folk, small operations and family businesses… large corporations would need to explain why they deserve to be an exception. 🙂 You can download the combined magazine and newsletter advertising pdf here:
Plant Healer Advertising Rates & Specs 2014:15

Share Your Knowledge, Submit Your Stories

You don’t have to be a professional writer in order to have something worthwhile to share with others.  And unlike with PH Magazine, it’s ok f your writings have been printed or posted before, so long as they haven’t been too widely distributed before.  Therapeutics, herb profiles, medicine making recipes, tips for practicing, clinical skills, conservation and gardening.   If you’d be interested, send an email with your ideas along with a request for the Guidelines… to:

Subscribe at: www.PlantHealer.org

Wild green blessings, from
Kiva & Wolf

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