May 192013

21st Century Herbalists Book Now Shipping

The first shipments of our new book 21st Century Herbalists have mailed out, with more following soon, and everyone should have theirs soon.  As some of you have already gotten to see, Wolf put a lot of work into the questions and the respondents shared both their wisdom and their personal stories.  Please do let me know how you like them and what your favorite parts are (as well as whether or not we can quote you): Write Wolf and I at:

Limited Edition Selling Out

There are less than 100 copies left of the Limited Edition hardcover versions, and soon only the regular paperbacks will be available.  Order in the next few weeks to have a chance of getting one of the few cloth bound copies before they sell completely out:

40% Wholesale Discount

If you have an herb related business, retail website or catalog, I encourage you to stock and resell some, to help spread the herbal inspiration.  I can give a full 40 percent discount on orders of 10 or more, plus actual shipping.  Write me at:

Free Review Copies

I will send this book free to the first few folks who let me know they will write and publish a review of our collection of herbalist interviews in a popular magazine, newsletter, or blog with a large readership.  Reviews should be from 1200 to 2500 words in length, describing some of the content as well as the stories and information you found most useful or insightful.  Email us to tell us 1. Where your review will be published, 2. The size of the readership, 3.  Why you look forward to writing about this book, and 4. Your snail-mail address.  We’ll give you a full digital copy to read and review, and once the review has been published you can request a paper copy as well.  Write:

Thank you!

Kiva Rose

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