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The 2014 HerbFolk Gathering (Sept 18-21, Mormon Lake AZ)

Steep Advance Discount – December 13th–31st Only – See Full Details At Bottom



I had lots of trouble with the sign-up boxes on the website, but they’re finally really fixed.  You can now go to any page on the Plant Healer site, click on where it says subscribe on the left side, fill in your name and email address and you will be good to go!

You’ll receive from 8 to 12 issues per year, 10 to 30 pages in length, filled with inspiration and information for herbalists.  Included will be advance excerpts from upcoming Plant Healer Magazine issues, abridged articles gleaned from past issues of the magazine, interviews with herbalists, wildcrafting tips and recipes, and original articles by ourselves and contributing writers.  If you would like more exposure for your work you can submit pieces for consideration in the newsletter, and possibly reach our thousands of dedicated herbalist and wildcrafter readers.

  Plant Healer Newsletter by Jesse Wolf Hardin

There is no cost for the newsletter, so please recommend it to any folks who might otherwise not be able to afford herbal info and publications. The next full length newsletter issue will be available for download the second week of January, and may include articles by Jeremy Ross, Sam Coffman and myself (Kiva Rose), along with beautiful art and HerbFolk updates. Subscribe free at:

Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous Site

HerbFolk Gathering & Celebration Site, Mormon Lake Arizona

…and for a limited time, big savings on registration for the upcoming:

The 2014 HerbFolk Gathering (Sept 18-21, Mormon Lake AZ)

Steep Advance Discount – December 13th–31st Only

Ticket sales for next year’s Plant Healer event are now open, with the best prices of the year for a limited time.  As a special thank you to our most devoted attendees,

we offer a $70 Early-Sprout discount…

…for a limited time:

Regular $325 adult tickets are

Just $255

Dec. 13th–31st Only

You must register BEFORE January 1st to get your discount.  Go to the Registration Page now at:

7 song leading a plant walk at Plant Healer Magazine's HerbalResurgence 2013

Our friend 7 song leading a plant walk at Plant Healer Magazine’s 2013 event

“What an exciting conference! Plant Healer events are the new wave of herbalism…”   –Paul Bergner

For full details and loads of pics, click here and download the special 30 pages long:

2014 HerbFolk Information PDF

(Thank you for RePosting and Sharing)

Plant Healer Bookstore


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