Dec 042012


Howie Brounstein and Rebecca Altman at the 2012 Herbal Resurgence

Registration Opens

Tickets are now open for the 2013 Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous (formerly the Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference), taking place in the lush forests of Northern Arizona, Sept. 19th-22nd.

51 unique cutting-edge Classes, taught by 29 of the most compelling teachers in the field of herbalism today.

Join with your favorite presenters, as they push beyond their normal conference fare.  A celebration of folk herbalism and the wilder herbalist tribe.

For a list of the classes, go to:

Limited Time Special – Expires Dec. 15th

Get the lowest price of the entire year on 2013 tickets, only $255 if purchased on or before December 15th.

To get this special price, go to the Registration page

New Video Short on YouTube

Videographer Carey Campbell filmed the 2012 event as well as interviews with many of our teachers.  We’ve been given all the footage to make use of in promotion or a future documentary.  Until then, he has put together a short video snapshot of our unusual gathering and posted it on YouTube for anyone to see.  Please share this link with anyone you think might be interested:

Herbal Resurgence Video

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