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This year I am so excited to be offering two very special Medicine Woman Herbal Intensives! Each one is appr. one week in length and highly recommended to those of you who have been waiting for an in-depth opportunity to study herbal medicine and the Medicine Woman Tradition with me in person. For those of you who have been considering a Student Internship at Animá, we are now instead offering these shorter, but just as intense series of workshops geared towards women who learn best through hands-on experience and personal interaction! New topics and longer intensives may be available in the future based on demand and interest.

  • The first, offered August 7th-13th, is the Medicine Woman Tradition Intensive, focused on the core principles of healing as wholeness, herbal energetics, the wounded healer archetype, wild medicine, totems, constitutional herbalism and more. A celebratory learning experience for all those who feel called to follow the path of the Medicine Woman!
  • Then, from September 9th-15th we’re offering the new Walking the Medicine Wheel  Intensive, an in-depth and detailed look at learning, integrating and utilizing herbal energetics in practical, sensory and hands-on way. I’ve had many requests for this series of workshops and I’m extremely pleased to finally be able to offer them this year!

Please register as soon as you can for these intensives, as space is limited in order to keep the workshops focused and intimate. Both intensives are available on a per donation basis. Please contact me with any questions you might have, or if you have trouble downloading the registration forms.

Full descriptions and lists of workshop topics are included below, as well as registration form downloads.

The Medicine Woman Tradition Intensive August 7th-13th

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You are invited for an exquisite week long intensive at the Animá Botanical Sanctuary in beautiful southwestern New Mexico. This powerful series of workshops and classes lass for one magical week and are specifically designed to encourage, inspire and inform both aspiring and practicing Medicine Women. We will be focusing on both foundational and advanced aspects of the Medicine Woman Tradition, including herbal energetics, the wounded healer archetype, medicine making, defining and recognizing constitutional types in the human body, animal totems, plant allies and so much more! Core principles of healing and herbalism are covered in depth and experiential workshops are emphasized. Wonderful, nourishing feasts including many wild and local foods will take place twice daily. Each day will be themed around a specific wild Canyon herb and the lessons they hold for us. A joyful immersion in wild plants, authentic being and earthen wisdom!

Appropriate for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

Schedule and Workshop Topics

Arrival Day
Opening Circle and Practices for Presence

Day 1 (Alder)
AM Workshop: The Medicine Woman’s Approach: Healing as Wholeness
PM Workshop: Talking With Plants: Learning a Forgotten Language

Day 2 (Yarrow)
AM: Canyon Plant Walk and Wild Food Harvesting
PM The Wounded Healer: Illness and Wounds as Allies

Day 3 (Evening Primrose)
AM A Primer to Herbal Energetics and Actions
PM Totem: Plant & Animal Allies of the Medicine Woman

Day 4 (Moonwort)
AM – Herbs on the Animá Medicine Wheel
PM – Humans on the Animá Medicine Wheel

Day 5 (Juniper)
AM – Medicine Making: Traditional Methods and New Approaches
PM – The Creed: A Medicine Woman’s Code of Honor
Evening Celebration: The Medicine Woman’s Flower Festival

Departure Day
Closing Circle, Commitments and Giftings

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Week-long Intensive Sep 9th-16th, 2009

Walking the Medicine Wheel Intensive: A Medicine Woman’s Experiential Guide to Sensory Wisdom, Hands-On Herbal Energetics and Human Constitutions

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Join us in learning to speak with the plants through the primal language of sensory awareness!  For herbalists whose work is primarily based in Western (of the Americas, Europe etc) traditions of botanical-based healing, a bone-deep understanding and integration of herbal actions and energetics is essential for an effective and holistic practice. Recognition of patterns of imbalance or constitutional tendencies in the body can provide the practitioner with incredible insight that allows for deeper healing of the whole person. Open the book of leaves and immerse yourself in the infinitely complex yet profoundly common-sense world of energetic herbalism.

The Walking the Medicine Wheel Intensive is a comprehensive series of workshops taught over the span of a week and designed to provide an organoleptic understanding of herbal and human energetics. The participant will learn to discern the basic nature and action of an herb simply through sensory input, bodily wisdom and recognition of natural patterns. Additionally, we will explore the energetic nature of the human body and use our senses to understand which herbs would be most appropriate to each unique situation. Emphasis is placed on providing each individual with the necessary tools to practice energetic herbalism independent of charts or reference texts. Walk the spiral way of the medicine wheel and remember what our bodies have known all alone: the plants are speaking to us!

Appropriate for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

Schedule and Workshop Topics:

Arrival Day
Opening Circle and a Celebration of the Senses

Day 1: Original Speech
AM Workshop – Engaging the Anima: Working with the Animating Spirit/Vital Force in a Healing Practice
PM Workshop – The Primal Language: Practicing Sensory Awareness & Focus

Day 2: Learning to Listen
AM Talking with Plants: Communicating with and Learning from Herbs through Sensory Language
PM At the Root: Core Nature and Tendencies of Medicinal Plants

Day 3: Speaking in the Green Tongue
AM A Book of Leaves: Herbal Actions and the Healing Intelligence of the Plants
PM: Reading the Body: Tissue States & Other Sensory Diagnostic Tools

Day 4: The Medicine Wheels: Elemental Guides to Energetic Patterns
AM Walking the Medicine Wheel I: An Herbal Cartography
PM Walking Medicine Wheel II: A Human Cartography

Day 5: Increasing Fluency: Application and Integration
AM Earthen Alchemy: Energetic Formulation and Medicine Making
PM In the Tradition: Creating a Cohesive, Common Sense Practice

Departure Day
Closing Circle & Goodbyes

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We look forward to seeing you there!!

~~Please share with friends and post wherever you can! Thank you!!~~

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  1. Ooh, I wish I could come to both! Someday.



  2. They both look SOOOO wonderful! Alas, my recent visit was the last for at least a year, I’m afraid…

    Posting on Courage, Inc and forwarding to friends.

    love to you!

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