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 1st Annual Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference
September 17th-19th, 2010
Santa Fe, NM (at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu)


 For those of you who’ve been keeping up with the Anima blog, are friends with me on FB or following me on Twitter, you’ve already read about the beginning stages of the herbal conference Wolf and I are organizing for Sept. 2010. If you haven’t, then this announcement might come as a surprise. Either way, here it is, the official description and initial details for the upcoming 1st (of many, I hope) Annual Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference.


The conference will be held in the amazing high desert landscapes near Santa Fe, New Mexico that have inspired artists, writers and naturalists the world over. Taking place at one of Georgia O’Keefe’s favored painting locations, the Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, participants will be immersed in the Southwest’s raw natural beauty and surrounded by the very landscapes that illuminate much of O’Keefe’s most well-loved work.


Above, you’ll see TWHC’s gorgeous new logo, custom-made for the conference by Wolf’s loving (and very talented) hands. Combining a variety of vibrant elements and motifs from Western Herbalism’s many traditions and landscapes, it provides an emblem for the underlying foundations of the energetic healing practices of Europe and the Americas.


I’m so excited for this new adventure in bringing together existing herbal community and inspiring important new voices! While we don’t often travel far from our beloved canyon home, Wolf and I feel strongly that this conference is a worthy investment of our limited time and resources, and are so happy to be able to share this opportunity with you. We hope to see many of you there!


We’ll have a website up with details on how to attend, vendor or sponsor the event very soon! If you’d like to help sponsor the event or volunteer your help in organizing and putting together TWHC, please write me at kiva@traditionsinwesternherbalism.org



Your Invitation to Attend:

The 1st Annual Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference

We invite you to attend an exciting new conference celebrating the diverse traditions that make up Western Herbalism. TWH fulfills the need for a gathering together of many of our time’s most vital voices into a single forum to provide inspiration and knowledge to a growing population of herbal students of all levels. This is a unique event with special emphasis placed on experiential learning and hands-on understanding. Our teachers speak from the voice of experience and practice rather than theory, resulting in powerful instruction and insight based on real life work.

TWH is committed to grassroots herbalism with a strong bioregional and energetic focus. Melding common sense practicality with spiritual and indigenous sensibilities, the practice of our trade with the lessons of the natural world. Today’s plant-based healers are the most recent in a long line of herbwives, root doctors, yerberas, mountain men, curanderos, grannywomen and village herbalists that stretch back through time and across cultures. From the hills of Appalachia to the shores of Cornwall, the rainforests of the Amazon to the mesas and canyons of the Southwest, we are walking in the footsteps of our ancestors to bring together people and plants at a time when such work has never before been so necessary and urgent.

We will be exploring the evolving traditions of Western herbalism through presentations, workshops, classes, panel discussions, intensives, plant walks and much more! Join us for an unforgettable immersion in a compelling blend of traditional wisdom and innovative new approaches.

Perfect for beginning herbal enthusiasts and experienced practitioners alike

  5 Responses to “1st Annual Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference”

  1. wolf’s logo for this is just beautiful!

  2. I too am struck by the beauty of the logo. What a talented man! This sounds like a very exciting venture for you all! 🙂

  3. This looks great Kiva, a well needed gathering of plant folk to re-inspire and re-mind what we’re all up to in our quest for the herbal allies!
    cant wait!!

  4. The logo is truly inspired. Its magic leaps from the page. There is a deep current underlying its creation.

    Likewise this conference. What a joy to be able to share such a heartfelt endeavor. Let healing prevail!

  5. This is a terribly exciting piece of news. I’m inspired by your site and your wisdom and looking forward to continued steps in my newfound re:direction of whole living.

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