Aug 172012

We’re pleased to help announce the 2012 American Herbalist Guild Symposium, Synergy in Herbalism, held October 19-21 at the lovely Seven Springs Resort in Pennsylvania, open to non-members and members alike.  Excellent classes with a clinical focus offer something for advanced as well as beginning students of this craft.

Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference has always been about the Medicine Of The People, offering a home for the edge dwellers of herbalism, independents and outliers, but no less so an intended home to the professional and the accredited.  We share with the AHG a dedication to the protection and furtherance of herbalism, and applaud the Guild’s emphasis on continuing to evolve and become ever more representational, attracting new people and preparing a new generation of herbalists.  Members we have talked to are all excited about the continuing changes, the AHG symposium being moved to a rural resort instead of in a city, and move to a focus on “cutting edge.”  If we help serve as inspiration or instigation for any of this shift and growth, we are most gratified.  And we’re happy to make the many new or younger folks that we attract aware of the Guild and its goals, as we extend the tent of this contemporary energized Herbal Resurgence over all impassioned allies of medicinal plants and the empowering practice of herbalism.

Go to the AHG Symposium website to register:

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