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Yesterday’s post made caused me to remember a comment made by Michelle on the Herbwife’s Kitchen’s Eat Local This September post about having a blogparty based on using local herbs for month. It makes sense to me to do that this month while it’s still harvest time for most of us. So here we are, and I’d like to host a blogparty (also called a meme in the blogosphere) this month.

The challenge is this: use local (wild, garden-grown or purchased from a local grower/wildcrafter from within appr. 100 milese) herbs as much as possible for the next month and then share your experiences and thoughts on your blog (or website). Send me (use the Red Artemis addy please) the link at the end of the month and I’ll post them all here on October 3rd. I’m doing this on the 3rd rather than the 1rst in order to not overlap with the First Ally blogparty hosted by Darcey.

So come on folks, get out the weeds and wildflowers and let’s have a party!

  3 Responses to “100 Mile Local Herbalism Challenge Blogparty”

  1. November 3rd? or October 3rd? I’ve resorted to putting them on my calender as my schedule fills up – I don’t want to forget! XO -ananda

  2. Well, that was a ridiculous typo! Thanks for pointing that out, Ananda.

  3. great! i thought wow, a whole month? that’s really not overlapping! so i thought you meant oct. thanks for clarifying 🙂

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