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1. Eases hot flashes and night sweats
2. Can calm heart palpitations and anxiety
3. Eases cramps (including the afterpains of childbirth) & chills out PMS
4. Increases circulation
5. Moves blood which helps move along scanty, stuck menstruation
6. Assists in the healing of some types of vaginal atrophy
7. Improves slow, sluggish digestion
8. Wonderful herb for postpartum depression and anxiety (in a very impressive way, I might add)
9. Calms an overactive thyroid
10. Such a beautiful plant with a big presence.

I never knew how amazing this plant really was until I met her in person. I’d tried really nice tinctures from herbalist friends, but often felt very little from the tincture and was generally unimpressed. But this year I grew some in the garden just to see what it would be like since it’s a common weed in these parts. And wow, was I ever surprised. The plants, from seedling to flowering, caught my eye every time I came near them, practically screaming to pay attention to them. And the closer I looked the more I got the impression that this was a plant that wanted to be helpful in some big way. Even when the woodrats chewed her down she kept growing back from the roots, growing multiple inches during any given rainfall and cleverly hiding behind the Dock leaves. Now she’s flowering like mad and I could seriously just sit at her feel all day listening to her blooming and humming. More recent partakings of Motherwort tinctures have resulted in profoundly lovely results of mood enhancement, PMS banishment and deep calming.
I’ve been especially loving her for treating women with adrenal fatigue and related heart palpitations and anxiety, works very well. It’s also amazing for treating that particular kind of anxiety that just gets stuck in your chest and manifests as a constant tightness, a knot in the throat and irregular heartbeat.

She also combines really well with California Poppy and/or Skullcap to treat general anxiety caused insomnia and more intense anxiety. And I wrote in a recent post I make a formula consisting of equal parts Motherwort, Mugwort and Violet that is especially helpful for frazzled parents, those with adrenal fatigue and women recovering from eating disorders. I call it Mother Love and it’s oh so lovely, if a bit bitter tasting.

I’ll have more pictures of the Motherwort tribe to share soon, just waiting for Wolf to finish taking them all and upload them to the computer. I’m also growing a close Motherwort relative by the name of Leonotus nepetifolia that I’ll also have pictures of and that I’ll discuss the medicinal qualities of in some detail. It’s about as easy to grow as Motherwort and grows to be 8-9′ tall, which makes for a whole lot of tincture from just two or three plants, AND it really loves NM!

Here’s some further Motherwort resources from the venerable Henriette:

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  1. MMMMM, i could use some mother love!

  2. hello,

    i recently used motherwort with a range of other herbs in micro drop doses to support a friend going through an IVF cycle. i had not been able to suggest the herbs prior to her commencing this for long-standing problems with ovulation, but thought i could at least energetically support her while not affecting the IVF she was into. she got a record 31 eggs for the cycle and is interesting to wonder at the part motherwort and the other mothering, creativity herbs i focussed on blending had on the process. i felt that along with other herbs, the motherwort was important in allowing transition to adult womanhood – to the creativity of the ‘motherhood’ years as well as gicing mother love – to bring out the mother so to speak! i feel that motherwort may well tap into those female cycles of creation and destruction, rise and fall and a positive ‘owning’ of and celebration of one’s own womanhood and being in tune with one’s intuitive, ‘female’ potential. i would consider it for blocks to creativity in women, women who seem reluctant to embrace a mature expression of femininity as well as issues related to one’s own relationship to the mothering of others and being mothered oneself by others!

    sarah brade

  3. Is motherwort contraindicated in the case of a sluggish thyroid? Or does it just help to bring the thyroid into good regulation if it is out of whack either way, or does it calm an overactive thyroid but otherwise not affect (good or bad) an underactive thyroid?


    • Hi Claire, there’s no evidence as far as I know (whether clinical or research based) that indicates that Motherwort suppresses thyroid function in those with hypothyroid at all. So far, I haven’t seen any issues at all, although I also don’t see it being clearly indicated in many people with hypothyroid.

  4. Thanks Kiva,

    Another point on motherwort that I see conflicting opinions about is its use in pregnancy. Safe? Avoid during the first trimester? Can it be used as an adaptogen for adrenal and thyroid support during pregnancy, for palpitations/irregular heart beat in pregnancy…. or is there a safer or more appropriate herb for these issues during pregnancy? Some say avoid during pregnancy; others seem to feel like it just supports hormonal balance no matter what your condition (menopause, PMS, pregnancy)…


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